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People in Place is about

Making a difference

at a local level.

People matters are now the biggest risk in the public sector.

In the UK, some 5.4 million people are employed within the public sector – accounting for around 17 per cent of all those in paid work. Public sector bodies have specific duties to the public and their staff codified in laws such as the Equality Act and the Health and Social Care Act.

Despite this, it is fair to state that the public sector has not always lived up to these commitments.

We know that there are huge people challenges on the horizon – staff and public mental health and wellbeing, recruitment and retention, and diversity and inclusion, to name but a few.

We also know that Boards will have a critical role in the success of the public sector response to these challenges. And within this, the value of good governance cannot be underestimated.

Already, one thing that public sector institutions are increasingly introducing to support effective governance in this area are People Committees.

To help support this agenda, Allocate Software and the Good Governance Institute have partnered on ‘People in Place’, a programme of work supporting progress on the most critical people matters in the public sector.

Our initial area of focus is on People Committee and how they can optimally be introduced at institution, place, and system levels.

In particular, we want to answer the following questions:

  • How should the People Committee be constituted at institutional, place, and system levels?
  • What matters should the People Committee be seeking to address at those varying levels?
  • What data and information does the People Committee need to see at those varying levels?
  • What tools and levers are there to support this?
  • Where is the emerging good practice that can be shared, learned from and built upon?

The real value of People in Place will come from leaders pooling ideas and contributions on the most important live matters at a time when the focus, after the last year especially, is about making a difference at local level.

This resource centre is designed to collate these ideas including best practice and learning, and will be an open space for executive and non-executive leaders from across the public, third or private sectors.

The programme is made possible by the support of Allocate Software and facilitated by the Good Governance Institute.